Art Gallery "Blurry Frontiers" Print Cotton Spandex Jersey Knit USA - 50CM

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An ode to artistry from around the globe, Craftbound celebrates traditional skills by illustrating tapestries, mosaics, stamps and embroidery and fusing them on threads printed with tones of black, white, yellow, aqua and pink. Art Gallery Fabrics believe strongly in the quality of the fabric and that is transcended in their superior thread count and fine weave. You really feel the difference with just one touch! "Designs that evoke style with a statement of color, a quality that sets us apart".

It’s the perfect fabric for a variety of sewing projects such as t-shirts/tops, leggings, lounge wear, underwear, baby/kids and adult apparel.

Colour represented as closely as possible. Colours may vary in real life.

Colour: Blurry Frontiers
Quantity: 50CM (Add 2 for 1 Metre, 3 for 1.5 Metres etc)
Fibre Content: 95% Cotton 5% Spandex
Stretch: 4 Way
Fabric Weight: 175 G/M2 (-/+5%)
  • Cold Wash
  • Line Dry
  • No Ironing
  • No Bleaching (Including Optical Brighteners and other whitening agents)*
  • No Tumble Dry
  • No Dry Cleaning

*Some laundry detergent include optical brighteners and whitening agents. This is a fluorescent substance added to detergents in order to produce a whitening effect on laundry which acts like bleach and can change, lighten or cause blotchy discolouration in fabric after washing.

Origin: USA