"Glitter Look Leopard in Green" Cotton Elastane Jersey - 105CM END OF BOLT

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Custom digitally printed cotton elastane jersey knit printed for Wicked Fabrics. Fabric is soft and has great recovery and the perfect knit fabric for a variety of sewing projects such as t-shirts, leggings, underwear, lounge wear, baby or kids and adult apparel. 

Print Size: Picture shown is approximately 30CM x 30CM.

Colour Representation: Colour represented as closely as possible. Colours may vary in real life and between base fabrics due to different dyeing medium.

Additional Information: Due to the nature of digitally printed fabric, small print flaws can occur. Discrepancies within 2" from either side of the selvage will deemed acceptable.

Print:Mint Glitter Look Leopard in Green
Quantity: 105CM END OF BOLT
Fibre Content: 95% Cotton 5% Elastane
Stretch: 4 Way
Fabric Weight: Approximately 220GSM +/-5%
  • Cold Wash
  • Line Dry
  • No Ironing
  • No Bleaching (Including Optical Brighteners and other whitening agents)*
  • No Tumble Dry
  • No Dry Cleaning

*Some laundry detergent include optical brighteners and whitening agents. This is a fluorescent substance added to detergents in order to produce a whitening effect on laundry which acts like bleach and can change, lighten or cause blotchy discolouration in fabric after washing.

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