Posted by Mia Cadusch (KidCute) on 23rd Jun 2020

Wicked Patterns Wamberal Sweater Hack! Adding a Boss Flutter

Hi everyone, I'm Mia and I'm a pattern hacking addict!

Next up is the boss flutter hack, one thing to note is the width of your ruffle. I love a boss ruffle, but for a more minimal look you could reduce the width or for super boss, add a bit more to suit your taste.

If you haven't purchased the pattern yet, you can find it here.

Fabric used in the creation is Kiwi FleecyLight Grey Ribbing and Medium Grey Melange Jersey.

Flutter Sleeves

For this hack I’ve used the normal bodice and raw hem finish for the flutters.

1. To create your flutter template you will need; plain paper, arm band pattern piece, scissors and a pen.

Take your arm band piece and lay it on the paper, mark the end and the top.

Move the arm band piece so the bottom is now lined up with the top line you just drew. Mark the top, end and halfway.

Draw a curve from top centre to bottom corner, then cut your template out and label as pictured.

2. Cut your fabric and follow pattern instructions as normal until you’re up to attaching the sleeves or bands.

3.Decide how you want to finish off the straight edge of flutter, hemmed, roll hem or raw. I've decided to leave it raw.

Do 2 rows of gathering stitches along the curved edge using your sewing machine, longest stitch length and highest tension. You may need to hand gather to get perfect length to match the armscye opening.

4. Pin and baste flutter to the armscye with right sides together. Repeat for the other side.

Your layers should be: bodice + flutter (right sides together) + sleeve (right side against wrong side of flutter).

5. Finish off your Wamberal following the pattern instructions, don’t forget to press your flutters at the end!

What I love about this is that you can be as subtle or dramatic as you want with the ruffles. If you end up following this tutorial hash tag #wamberalsweaterhack so I can check out all your makes!