Double Knitted Elastic

Available in a range of widths – 12mm, 20mm, 25mm, 38mm, and 50mm – this versatile double knitted elastic is perfect for a variety of sewing projects, offering a gentle and forgiving touch for your creations.

Here's what makes Wicked Fabrics' double knitted elastic stand out:

Superior Softness: Made from high-quality materials, our double knitted elastic is incredibly soft and gentle against the skin, making it ideal for garments that require comfort and flexibility.
Versatility: Use it for a wide range of projects, from lingerie and underwear to activewear, swimwear, and children's clothing.
Gentle and Forgiving: This elastic provides a gentle stretch and recovery, making it perfect for projects where a more forgiving fit is desired.
Durable and Long-Lasting: Despite its softness, our double knitted elastic is built to last, ensuring your projects maintain their shape and comfort over time.
Variety of Widths: Choose from a range of widths to suit your specific project needs, from delicate lingerie to supportive activewear.

With Wicked Fabrics' double knitted elastic, you can:

  • Create lingerie and underwear that feels incredibly soft and comfortable against the skin.
  • Design activewear and swimwear that moves with your body and provides gentle support.
  • Craft children's clothing that is both comfortable and playful.
  • Explore endless creative possibilities with a versatile and gentle elastic solution.

Order your double knitted elastic today and experience the difference!