Discover a collection of children's "quick sew" sewing patterns meticulously crafted by Wicked Patterns.

Key Features:

Quick Sew Magic: Dive into our selection of quick sew patterns designed for children's clothing. These patterns are tailored for efficiency without compromising on quality.

Guided Excellence: Enjoy the convenience of step by step tutorials that accompany each pattern. Our instructions ensure a seamless sewing experience, even for beginners.

Print Your Way: Choose from a range of format options, including A4 and A0 size files. Plus, many patterns offer projector files for added convenience in your sewing process.

Australian Craftsmanship: Wicked Patterns proudly represents Australian design expertise, delivering top notch quality and creativity in every pattern.

Community Connection: Join our vibrant sewing community on Facebook. Our dedicated Community Support Group is a hub for enthusiasts like you to connect, seek advice, and share your sewing journey.

Experience the joy of creating stunning children's clothing with ease and precision. Explore our quick sew patterns today and join a supportive community of fellow sewing enthusiasts. Start sewing your next masterpiece!