At Wicked Fabrics, we understand that the foundation of every remarkable sewing project begins with the right fabric base. Our "Fabric" category allows you to shop and browse via composition and type of fabric. It offers an exquisite selection of sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics that serve as the canvas for your creative sewing endeavours.

Discover an array of fabric bases carefully curated to meet your sewing needs and ethical values. From organic cottons to luxurious viscose blends, each fabric in this collection is handpicked for its quality, eco-friendliness, and versatility.

Whether you're crafting garments, accessories, or home textiles, our fabric options provide the perfect starting point for your projects. Embrace slow fashion and ethical sewing by choosing from our thoughtfully sourced materials, designed to inspire your creativity while caring for the planet.

Join us in redefining the sewing experience, one sustainable fabric base at a time.