12mm Double Knitted Elastic in White - 5M Pack

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This exceptional 12mm double knitted elastic boasts a luxuriously soft texture and a gentle stretch, making it ideal for a wide range of sewing projects, including:

Lingerie and Underwear: Create undergarments that feel like a second skin, providing unparalleled comfort and support.
Activewear and Swimwear: Design garments that move with your body and offer gentle support, ensuring maximum comfort during physical activity.
Children's Clothing: Craft clothing that is both comfortable and playful, allowing your little ones to move freely and enjoy their day.
General Sewing Projects: Use this versatile elastic for a variety of projects, from headbands and accessories to home décor and crafting.

Here's what makes Wicked Fabrics 12mm premium double knitted elastic stand out:

Exceptional Softness: Made from high-quality materials, this elastic is incredibly soft and gentle against the skin, providing a luxurious feel for your creations.
Gentle Stretch and Recovery: The elastic offers a gentle stretch and recovery, ensuring a comfortable fit that moves with your body without feeling constricting.
Durable and Long-Lasting: Despite its softness, this elastic is built to last, maintaining its shape and elasticity over time.
Classic White Colour: The white colour blends seamlessly with a variety of fabrics and designs, making it a versatile choice for any project.
Convenient 5M Pack: This pack provides ample length for multiple projects, offering great value for your money.

Order your Wicked Fabrics 12mm premium double knitted elastic pack today and experience the difference!

Please note: These products come from the supplier with joints throughout the rolls. On occasion, we are unable to avoid these joins when sending orders.

Quantity: 5 METRES - 1 PACK

 Care Instruction: Wash in Cool or Warm Water, Tumble Dry on Low and Dry Cleanable