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Don't we all love a bit of mystery? If you're not one for mysteries or surprises hit the "back" button ASAP as these packs aren't for you.

Who are these packs for?

✅ Someone who is creative

✅ Someone who likes surprises

✅ Someone who likes a challenge (to create with what they're given)

✅ Someone that likes to adopt slightly imperfect fabrics because they believe they can turn it into something amazing instead of going into landfills

These packs are not for:

❌ Someone who dislikes surprises

❌ Someone who doesn't like to work with different bases

❌ Someone who wants certain colours and lengths

❌ Someone who wants perfection (there a lot of end of bolt pieces in these packs and fabric may be crinkly or superficially marked which will wash out/wash fine)

Mystery grab bag contains a random collection of fabrics that I've stocked or currently stock via my store. Packs may include jersey, french terry, fleecy, textured knits and/or ribbing. They might be made up of end of bolt, large scraps, past strike offs, un-presented strike offs and/or minor flawed fabrics etc. Total amount of fabric of up to 2KG.

All pieces are X WOF (width of fabric) and great for splicing, colour blocking, bands/cuffs, scrunchies, headbands, undies etc. I try and ensure pieces aren't smaller than 35CM x WOF or 5CM x WOF for ribbing. 

Price includes shipping within Australia ONLY. International will be billed the difference.

***Grab bags are sold as is. No exchange or refund is eligible for change of mind. Please decide carefully before purchasing***

Quantity: 1 Grab Bag
  • Cold Wash
  • Line Dry
  • No Ironing
  • No Bleaching (Including Optical Brighteners and other whitening agents)*
  • No Tumble Dry
  • No Dry Cleaning

*Some laundry detergent include optical brighteners and whitening agents. This is a fluorescent substance added to detergents in order to produce a whitening effect on laundry which acts like bleach and can change, lighten or cause blotchy discolouration in fabric after washing.