Posted by Wicked Fabrics on 27th May 2020

Fabric Swatches and Swatch Sets

Putting this post together has been on my "To Do" since the beginning of the year but life has been a bit crazy! Blake and Alexis has gone back to face-to-face schooling effective this week so while I have some time on my hands, I'll like to talk about "fabric swatches".

I'm hearing you in regards to swatch sets. It's something I'll love to be able to offer however, at this point I do not have the capacity to put the sets together myself and maintain the up keep without staff. I have two suggestions:

1. Purchase individual swatches as you need them. This is the most sustainable option. If you have an upcoming project that requires colour matching it is best to purchase a swatch from the website 1-2 weeks beforehand to see if it's a match.

2. Create your own DIY swatch sets. We are such creative beings, why not create your own swatch set as you go? I've even got a freebie e-paper to help you get started! If you have been collecting Wicked colours over time then this is a great way to keep track of old and new colours. Every page allows you to store 6 swatches (highly suggest printing double sided) so you can swatch as you go. Of course the freebie isn't limited to recording fabrics from Wicked, its a great way to keep track of all your fabrics (possibly a scary reality....).

If you decide to go with Option 2 I'll love to see ways you're using the organiser! Tag me @wickedfabrics via Facebook/Instagram or post a happy snap in my facebook group with #wickedorganiser