Making Time for Sewing: A Busy Mum's Guide

Posted by Wicked Fabrics - Vivi Richards on 14th Sep 2023

Making Time for Sewing: A Busy Mum's Guide

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As a mother of two, chief curator at Wicked Fabrics, and pattern designer at Wicked Patterns, I understand the challenges of juggling a hectic schedule while nurturing your passion for sewing. It may seem daunting, but with some strategic planning and a dash of creativity, you can absolutely make time for sewing in your busy life. In this article, we'll explore practical tips and strategies for incorporating sewing into your daily routine.

Set Realistic Goals

Begin by setting achievable sewing goals. Understand that you won't be able to tackle large projects in one sitting. Break down your sewing projects into smaller, manageable tasks. This way, you can make progress even in short bursts of free time.

Create a Sewing Schedule

Block out specific time slots in your calendar for sewing. Whether it's early in the morning, during naptime, or in the evening, having a designated sewing time can help you stay consistent.

Organise Your Sewing Space

Efficiency is key when you have limited time. Keep your sewing area organized and well-stocked with essential supplies. This will save you precious minutes searching for tools and materials.


Look for opportunities to sew while multitasking. For instance, you can print and tape your sewing patterns or cut fabric while watching your kids play or during your lunch break at work.

Involve the Family

Encourage your children and husband to participate in sewing projects. It can be a fun family activity, and your kids might develop an interest in sewing too.

Sewing Retreats

Occasionally, consider taking a day off or planning a sewing retreat with friends. It can be a great way to indulge in your passion without interruptions.

Embrace Portable Projects

Opt for smaller, portable projects like sewing accessories or quick sew patterns. They're easier to complete in short bursts of time.

Prioritise Self-Care

Remember that self-care is crucial. Sewing can be therapeutic, so don't feel guilty for taking time for yourself.

Seek Support and Community

Connect with fellow sewers online or in local sewing groups. They can offer valuable tips and support when you're navigating a busy schedule.

Be Patient with Yourself

Lastly, be patient and forgiving if you can't sew every day. Life gets busy, and that's okay. What matters is that you're nurturing your passion and finding joy in your sewing journey.

Incorporating sewing into a busy schedule may require some creativity and planning, but it's absolutely achievable. Remember, the act of creating with fabric is not just a hobby; it's a form of self-expression and a source of inspiration. So, don't let a busy life stop you from pursuing your passion. With these strategies, you can make time for sewing and continue to inspire others with your beautiful creations.

Making Time for Sewing A Busy Mum's Guide

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